Hey, I’m Akshay Pillai

I’m an Entrepreneur, developer and strategist. I have worked at companies like InApp as a Software Engineer and earlier with companies and startups including InfinityLab, Exsight future, and more. You've discovered my piece on the internet  

I love working at the cross-section of Product development, Growth, and Marketing. I’ve collaborated with tech and marketing teams from all around the world to help and identify problems to solve for their platforms.

I write about technology, Investment and Economics.

Side Projects


Tustartup is a free chrome plugin that brings quotes from top Product people, CXOs and founders on your Chrome tab.

Chrome App

Light wight



Reanfre is a curated platform for everything related to international education for Indian students and Renfre will give back up to 5% of the tuition fee as cashback to the students.






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    Technology Consultant 🌎

    Working as Freelance Technology Consultantworked with various international teams for developing various scalable web Apps and MVP

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    Lead dev- Social gaming platform ( 1.5 million views ) 📈

    Lead the development of a social gaming App which was viewed by 1.5 unique audience through multiple social platform.

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    Become active in building financial portfolio ( various US & Indian Asset Class )

    Started focusing on personal investments and building a personal financial portfolio , learned about various assets classes and began investing in US and Indian instruments .


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    Joined InApp 🎉

    Joined InApp as a Software Development Engineer. Working with Freshtrak team as a fullstack dev.

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    Actively started working on Freelance Consulting and Side projects 🥳

    Started involving in various product dev communities ,Started advising young startups and dev teams on fundamentals of product development


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    Graduated with Honor for the most Accomplished Graduate 🎓

    Graduate of Bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engineering - Graduated with Christy Memorial Distinction for the most accomplished graduate of the batch 2015-2019

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    Co-Founder & Lead @Infinity Lab 🚀

    Worked on several major technology products over two years , few them funded and aided by organizations including Govt of India , Nasscom IIT Delhi and MIT. 💰 Raised seed funding from KSUM, World's number-one public startup accelerator for an IoT based product

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    Consistently topped various International Hackathon & Startup Competition ⚛️

    Won various international Hackathon and Competition while in college - Won Award for the best startup by NASSCOM , Won sevaral Tech events By IIT Delhi , NIT Calicut etc

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